On the Issues

As a local small business owner, dedicated family man, and lifelong conservative, Tim Bonner shares our values and will fight for our Republican principles.
    • Carry on the tradition of providing outstanding public service to the residents of the 8th Legislative District
    • Lower taxes for working families and seniors on fixed incomes 
    • Generate and protect family-sustaining jobs
    • Seek the best education for our children
    • Reduce the size and the costs of the state legislature
    • Refuse any pay raises and will drive his own car
    • Safeguard the sanctity of human life and protect our 2nd Amendment rights

Tim Bonner’s Statement on President Trump

“I support President Trump’s policies of putting America first. We need stronger policies on strengthening our border security, requiring our allies to bear a more equitable share in defense costs, demanding fair trade agreements with our partners that do not result in massive shifts of jobs to foreign countries and allowing our businesses and economy to grow without costly and needless governmental regulations. President Trump’s commitment of appointing conservative judges to the federal courts who will interpret the law, and not legislate, is a principle our country was founded upon and should be supported. I am a strong supporter, then, of the goals and policies of President Trump.”

Tim Bonner’s Statement on Guns

“I had been a prosecutor for 18 years handling over 2000 cases many of which involved the use of firearms. I never had a case where I thought the crime would have been prevented if we had another gun control law on the books. I believe that I bring a unique perspective to the State Legislature on this issue as few State Legislators have a prosecutorial background. In this regard, 80% of all firearm-related crimes are committed by those individuals who have obtained their firearm illegally. Another gun control law on the books would have no effect in this situation as it would simply be another law which the criminal would break. We already have sufficient laws to cover those individuals who should not be allowed to possess a firearm.”